Why You Should Hire Style Code Inc. As Your Image Consultant

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Whether you’re a recent college or university graduate who’s trying to transition from being a full-time student to entering the professional workforce or a middle-aged man who’s simply trying to revamp his wardrobe to look more professional, changing your style can be an intimidating task to take on by yourself. A lot of men struggle with the concept of evolving their personal style to suit the ever-changing needs of their lifestyle, but the fact is that as you grow older, your style needs to mature to aptly fit the new image you’re trying to project. If this is something you need assistance with accomplishing, then you should consider hiring a personal stylist. Style Code Inc. is quickly becoming one of the most renowned personal styling services for men in North York, Ontario. Here are a few key reasons why:

We Take the Time to Understand Your Personal Style Needs

Personal stylists or image consultants are tasked with the responsibility of understanding your personal stylistic preferences, making expert suggestions when prompted, and bringing your vision to fruition while respecting the boundaries of your budget. We understand that the lifestyles of our clients vary greatly and we always take the time to understand your personal needs. Through our personal consultations, which are specially scheduled by appointment only, our personal stylist, Catherine Bourgouin, can take the time to determine your personal style and help fit that into the confines of your lifestyle.

We Can Help You Refresh Your Wardrobe

Another good reason to hire Style Code Inc. as your professional image consultant is that we can help you refresh your wardrobe. Sometimes, you just want some new clothes for the sake of getting new clothes or because you feel like you need a change of pace. More than anything, it’s important that you’re satisfied with the clothes you wear, starting with your level of comfort right down to getting the right fit for your body type. The way you dress can have an incredibly positive impact on your general outlook as well as your personal and interpersonal skills.

We’ll Help You Determine the Right Attire for Your Body Type

There are literally dozens of different body types in existence, which is why a one-size-fits-all mentality is simply unfeasible when it comes to manufacturing professional clothing and formalwear for men. Some men have broader shoulders than others, whereas other men have slimmer builds compared to fuller body types. There’s no possible way to accommodate everyone with mass-produced garments. That’s why Style Code Inc. offers on-site styling services with both bespoke tailoring and made-to-measure options to suit every budget.

Boost Your Confidence Indefinitely

While creating an excellent first impression is important in all aspects of life regardless of whether it’s in a professional or personal setting, the first step to achieving this level of likeability and respect from others is to feel good about yourself. Dressing well and presenting a clean, crisp, and put-together look to the world can indelibly help increase your confidence and inevitably improves the overall quality of the work you produce.

Schedule a Private Appointment with Style Code Inc.

Style Code Inc. is so much more than just your average menswear store; we also provide personal consultations that are specifically set up by appointment only to ensure that each and every client is properly accommodated. Our goal is to create an inclusive atmosphere in which men of all sizes and builds can feel comfortable expressing their fashion concerns and asking questions without judgment. Catherine Bougouin, the resident personal stylist and image consultant at Style Code Inc., is available to take appointments any time both on- and off-site. Contact us today to set up a style consultation that works for you.

Picture of Catherine Bourgouin

Catherine Bourgouin

Style Code Inc. is owned and operated by stylist Catherine Bourgouin. Originally hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Catherine started the business with one primary goal in mind: to enlighten people’s lives through her vast knowledge of and passion for men’s fashion. With over 18 years of experience working in the fashion industry and over 10 years specializing in men’s fashion specifically, Catherine has a strong talent for helping professional businessmen dress for success.

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