Why Realtors Should Always Dress for Success

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The adage “never judge a book by its cover” might apply to most situations in life, but it most definitely has no place in most professional environments. As a general rule of thumb, the way you dress at work should indicate exactly how passionate you are about the work that you do. The fact is that the way you present yourself on a daily basis ultimately shapes people’s perceptions of the type of employee you are in the same way that your work environment should also dictate and influence the way you dress. For instance, wearing worn out and dirty old jeans to a construction site is perfectly acceptable and understandable; but, wearing a hoodie and jeans to an office job is a major faux pas. The same can be said about real estate agents. Whether you like it or not, part of selling other people’s properties also means dressing the part and making sure you fit in with your locale and clientele. If you happen to specialize in real estate in the North York area, then having an executive style consultant who’s familiar with local fashion trends can help you put together suitable and professional business attire to impress your clients and colleagues.

How the Proper Business Attire Can Help Propel Your Career

The way real estate agents dress can have a huge impact on their potential clients and superiors. Unless you have countless years of experience under your belt and have cultivated an exceptionally impressive resume to the extent that your reputation in the local real estate community vastly precedes you, then you still have a lot to prove within the industry. A lot of that is strictly dictated by how you present yourself. Even if you have outstanding sales skills, your ardour and talent can often be overshadowed by people’s negative initial impressions of you if you’re a sloppy dresser. A personal stylist or image consultant can help you avoid making crucial fashion mistakes on the job and keep you looking sharp at all times. Here are several important reasons for every real estate agent to always dress for success.

First Impressions Are Crucial

Whether it’s the first, second, or tenth time you’re meeting with a client, you should always make an effort to look professional. However, it’s that initial perception a client or potential employer has of you that leaves a lasting impact. In fact, it could even be a major deal breaker in terms of whether or not you get hired for a job.

Showcase Your Professionalism Based on Location

As cliché as this sounds, most people have a certain idea in their heads of what they expect their real estate agent to look like. They should always dress appropriately depending on their location. If you live in California and are selling beachfront properties, then a sports jacket with a crisp, clean white shirt and slacks is apropos. However, if you sell high rise condos in Toronto, then you should definitely try to dress it up a bit more. A custom-tailored suit with a nice tie is a safe choice in this case. No matter where your work is based, you should try to dress appropriately according to that and always try to look like you fit into that environment. This will automatically convince your clients that you know what you’re doing, even if you’re still fairly new.

Boosts Self Confidence and Improves Productivity

Numerous studies have been conducted on this subject and many of them show that the way you dress can exponentially boost your confidence and productivity. In 2014, researchers at Yale University conducted a study in which they separated 128 male participants between the ages of 18 and 32 into three different categories: those who were dressed in a formal and professional manner, those who were wearing business casual clothing, and those who were dressed completely casually. The subjects of the study participated in fake negotiations that involved buying and selling fake properties. Ultimately, the results showed that those who were professionally dressed in suits and ties achieved higher sales than their more casually dressed colleagues by a landslide. On average, the group of professionally dressed individuals grossed about $2.1 million in sales, whereas their more casually dressed colleagues earned about $680,000 in sales.
Even though this was just a theoretical study, the results speak volumes. When you look good, you feel good and this can positively translate into the type of work you produce.

It also proves to your clients that you’re a competent and enthusiastic hard worker who values their opinions and desires and are also capable of delivering exceptional results for them. That’s not to say that a well-fitted suit is necessarily a placeholder or replacement for actual hard work and talent, but it certainly can help to make you feel more in control and prove that you’re a valuable member of any real estate sales team.

Style Code Inc. is a high-end style boutique that caters specifically to businessmen in North York, Ontario. Owned and operated by professional men’s image consultant and personal stylist, Catherine Bourgouin, our top priority is to ensure that each and every client is accommodated according to their precise needs. For that reason, private consultations are scheduled on an appointment-only basis to ensure that every client gets the most out of our exclusive services. To book a consultation, please contact us.

Catherine Bourgouin

Catherine Bourgouin

Style Code Inc. is owned and operated by stylist Catherine Bourgouin. Originally hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Catherine started the business with one primary goal in mind: to enlighten people’s lives through her vast knowledge of and passion for men’s fashion. With over 18 years of experience working in the fashion industry and over 10 years specializing in men’s fashion specifically, Catherine has a strong talent for helping professional businessmen dress for success.

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