Dressing appropriately in professional settings can pose a tremendous challenge for a lot of people, especially if they lack the proper guidance required to assemble a fashionable yet personalized wardrobe. If you need a men’s personal stylist in Toronto to help you put together a wardrobe that’s both work appropriate and can easily transition into eveningwear, then Style Code Inc. can help. Our in-house style consultant, Catherine Bourgouin, has been working in the fashion industry for over 18 years and in that time she’s gained extensive valuable knowledge about men’s apparel to the point where she can determine a man’s approximate size and perfect fit within 15-20 minutes of meeting him.


Image and personal style consulting involve helping clients walk the line between establishing and showcasing their own personal styles while still trying to successfully integrate themselves into their chosen professions. There are certain industry standards within every field that should be adhered to, but at the same time it’s also important to make yourself stand out in a positive light. Putting together a professional wardrobe that stays true to your unique personality, style, and build is essential to creating an effective and long-lasting impression on potential employers, colleagues, and clients.

Subconsciously, people notice your appearance and they’ll take note if you look sloppy or are dressed inappropriately for the occasion, especially if you happen to be an employee. If you are the head of a well-known high-profile company such as Facebook, then you can wear pretty much whatever you want. Unfortunately, we can’t all be Mark Zuckerberg and wear jeans and a hoodie to work. With the help of an expert executive style consultant, you can create just the right balance between your personal and professional style so that you don’t have to feel like your making a huge compromise just to fit in at work.


At Style Code Inc., our objective is to help our clients create their ideal wardrobe that is full of timeless pieces. A lot of current fashion trends are fleeting and oftentimes, people tend to hold onto clothing items that have become outdated without realizing it. We’ll take the time to listen to and understand all of your concerns, answer your questions, and gain a sense of what your stylistic preferences are. At the same time, we’ll also make personalized suggestions based on the information you provide so that we can work with you to create a clothing collection that suits your needs and your individual preferences.


Style Code Inc. is owned and operated by expert wardrobe stylist, Catherine Bourgouin. As a Montreal native, Catherine has an exquisite sense of style and is highly attuned to the most current men’s fashions and professional clothing. She’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for private consultations with clients, both on and off-site. To book a consultation with Catherine, please contact us today!