Made-to-measure clothing in Toronto doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagantly expensive or hard to come by as many people seem to mistakenly believe, especially if you look in all the right places or have an experienced accomplice to help you. Even though made-to-measure suits typically come with a slightly higher price tag than clothes that are straight off the rack or ready-to-wear, the superior level of quality and testament to your own personal style, not to mention the experience of having a suit tailored for your specific body type, is simply incomparable. Style Code Inc. takes great pride in being one of the leading providers and retailers of custom men’s clothing in the GTA and we’re quickly building up a strong positive reputation for the unparalleled level of customer service and satisfaction we’re able to deliver on a daily basis.


Made-to-measure suits fall somewhere between bespoke and ready-to-wear men’s clothing that’s taken directly off the rack. It simply means that you can select a style off the rack and have it specifically tailored or altered to match your specific measurements, fit, preferences, and needs. Off-the-rack clothing is made in standard sizes that are meant to fit a variety of builds and frames in more general terms, whereas specially tailored suits are customized to fit your specific body type without having to take the additional step of creating your own designs from scratch. Custom designed suits are an excellent choice for men who are interested in showcasing their own unique sense of style without overextending their budgets. Experienced tailors will also often make personalized suggestions in order to adhere to their clients’ specifications and make appropriate improvements that will ultimately enhance the look, feel, fit, and quality of the garment.


Style Code Inc. is dedicated to helping our customers achieve the look they want and ensuring that they’re completely satisfied with the outcome. We operate on an appointment-only basis to ascertain that we’re able to accommodate all of the intricate needs and desires of each individual client. This approach allows our expert men’s style consultant, Catherin Bourgouin, to focus solely on one customer at a time in a private setting in which they can freely express their needs, desires, and ask as many questions as necessary. Private consultations can be scheduled on or offsite, depending on the needs of each individual client. Catherine is available to meet anywhere and at any time that’s convenient for her loyal customers, within reason. First, she’ll discuss exactly what each client is looking for in terms of style, colour combinations, fit, and overall goals. Then, she’ll take detailed measurements and take note of all of your preferences while also making a few expert suggestions of her own. Once you’re completely satisfied with the plan of action, she’ll send all of the pertinent information to her privately contracted professional tailor so that they can start working on your custom garment.


Custom-designed suits and other types of men’s clothing typically take about 10 business days to be completed and delivered. However, if you need to receive the finished product much sooner than that, Style Code Inc. also offers a rush order option at an additional cost. Just let us know exactly when you need to have the article of clothing ready by and we’ll work something out in your favour.
If you have any questions or are interested in booking a personal style consultation with Catherine Bourgouin, please contact us today.