Helpful Tips for Dressing Your Groomsmen for Your Big Day

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Everyone knows that the bride and her bridesmaids are the focal points of every wedding, but that doesn’t mean that as the groom, you and your best buddies get an automatic free pass to look sloppy and unkempt. Keep in mind that while all eyes are on the bride, her eyes will be on you and that should be motivation enough to look your absolute best on your big day and to make sure that your groomsmen follow suit (pun intended). Whether you’re ultimate objective is to look clean cut and dapper or even if you’re going for a more casual look, just make sure that the overall ensemble is cohesive while still allowing your groomsmen to express their unique sense of style, especially if they’re purchasing their attire rather than renting. Take the guesswork out of choosing the right custom-designed wedding suits by consulting a professional men’s formal wear stylist in Toronto.

Here’s a guide to helping your groomsmen choose the right attire for your wedding day.

Let Them Have a Say

The last thing you want to happen is for tensions to rise between you and your groomsmen during the preparations for your wedding day. As much as your groomsmen are expected to adhere to your every whim and be available at your beck and call, the reality is that it’s unfair to ask them to spend obscene amounts of money on clothing they despise and they don’t intend to wear again. To avoid this awkwardness, it makes sense to discuss a workable budget with each of your groomsmen, either on an individual basis or as a group, in order to settle on a price range that works for everyone. You should also open up a discussion regarding everyone’s personal stylistic preferences, but be careful not to loosen the reigns too much as that can also lead to unnecessary chaos. Come up with a few ideas on your own and then show it to your groomsmen and allow them to express their opinions.

Discuss the Theme of the Wedding (If There Is One)

A theme doesn’t necessarily have to be something specific, concrete, elaborate, or even extravagant. It can be something as simple as choosing the colour schematics of your wedding reception. Make sure to have this down pat and agreed upon with your spouse-to-be before bringing it up with your groomsmen. This will help set the tone for what types of made-to-measure wedding suits they should be looking for in Toronto.

Accessorize Appropriately

The point of accessories is to embellish and elevate your overall appearance and for that reason, they should be aptly and sparingly incorporated into yours and your groomsmen’s wedding ensembles. Depending on the general look you’re going for—whether it’s something laid back or formal—choose accessories that match the aesthetic of your wedding. These days, it’s becoming increasingly trendy for wedding parties to wear more casual attire like sneakers or funky matching socks with their suits. If you’re planning on doing something similar, then you might want to choose accessories that are understated, yet fitting for your motif.

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