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Jack Victor Limited has a storied history and a reputation for offering sophisticated and high-quality menswear. Manufacturing in their factory in Montreal enables them to keep strict control over the quality and craftsmanship of their renowned Jack Victor Suits for Men and other men’s garments, ensuring each piece meets the high standards set forth by the brand’s legacy.

The Jack Victor Difference

Jack Victor Limited is a beacon of impeccable craftsmanship and timeless elegance in menswear. With over a century of experience, the family-owned enterprise continuously crafts high-quality apparel that perfectly balances contemporary aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship.

At the helm of the esteemed company is Alan Victor, the embodiment of a rich heritage that spans three generations. Following the legacy of his father, Herschel, and grandfather, Jack Victor, who founded the company in 1913, Alan upholds the guiding principles that have navigated the company through a century of fashion evolutions: a dedication to quality and an unwavering commitment to contemporary yet timeless design.

Stepping into its second century with grace and resilience, Jack Victor Limited offers collections that are a symphony of fine materials sourced from around the world, married with unparalleled manufacturing ability.

The Jack Victor Suit Men's Collection:

Jack Victor Suits and Menswear in Toronto.

As a proud carrier of Jack Victor’s tailored creations, Style Code Inc., serving men in Toronto, North York and the GTA, presents an array of men’s garments ranging from sleek tuxedos to meticulously crafted sports jackets and finely cut dress trousers. These offerings embody a modern man’s wardrobe curated to include pieces that transcend passing trends, offering timeless silhouettes adorned with exquisite details — a testimony to the skill and artistry that goes into each piece.

Every Jack Victor piece tells a story of heritage, mastery honed through generations, and a family’s unwavering dedication to quality. Whether it’s the fine lines of a tailored suit or the elegant drape of a pair of dress trousers, the craftsmanship speaks volumes, presenting menswear that truly stands apart in a sea of fast fashion and fleeting trends.

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We are supplying Jack Victor suits & garments for men in Toronto, North York, and the GTA.