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Wardrobe Consultant for Men in North York & Toronto
Men's Wardrobe Consultant & Fashion Stylist Catherine Bourgouin.

Style Code Inc. is owned and operated by men’s wardrobe consultant & fashion stylist Catherine Bourgouin. Originally hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Catherine started the business with one primary goal in mind: to enlighten people’s lives through her vast knowledge of and passion for men’s fashion.

With over 18 years of experience working in the fashion industry and over 10 years specializing in men’s fashion & style, Catherine has a strong talent for helping professional businessmen dress for success.

Catherine has a professional Fashion marketing and design degree from LaSalle College as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce with a concentration in Marketing from Concordia University. Having worked for large fashion corporations such as Hugo Boss occupying various roles both on the wholesale and retail sides, Catherine knows the ins and outs of the fashion industry. She also knows how hard it can be to find high-quality apparel at affordable prices and her goal is to deliver exactly that to her customers.

As the leading fashion expert at Style Code Inc. and the proud mother of three young boys, Catherine has a keen eye for dressing men of all ages and intuitively knows exactly which styles, sizes, and fits will suit each body type. She is a firm believer that regardless of size, height, and stature, there’s a perfect ensemble to exquisitely serve the needs of every client.

As a show of her commitment to implement outstanding customer service, Catherine takes the time to schedule personalized one-on-one appointments with each of her clients in order to gain a clear understanding of their desires and expectations. Appointments can last anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes depending on the needs of each client and Catherine offers flexible hours in order to ensure those needs are fulfilled.

Catherine also offers on and off-site private consultations and is more than happy to travel wherever her clients need her to be any time, day or night (within reason). Catherine’s exceptional attention to detail, creativity, knowledge of fashionable and trendy menswear coupled with her perfectionist attitude and tenacity is what sets her business apart from her competitors. She truly believes in the power of dressing to impress and feeling confident about the way you look. Style Code Inc.’s and her ultimate goal is to guarantee that each client feels fully empowered by the end of their consultation.