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3 Tips to be the Best Looking Groomsmen at the Wedding

Three Tips to Have the Best Looking Groomsmen on Wedding Day!

Groomsmen suit

A groomsmen suit in navy

1. Pick a suit style which is neither too generous nor too slim in fit. This will avoid awkward fit issues and will simplify suit alteration process for all involved. 


2.Suggest a uniform white shirt style for all to wear:
Your groomsmen may each have a different understanding of what consists of an appropriate white shirt to wear for your big day! Collar styles may vary not to mention all the different variations and styles of white which exist. To solve this, suggest a uniform white for all to wear which will fit and accommodate your entire wedding party. It is a small detail but having your whole wedding in a uniform new shirt will have a huge impact on your wedding party’s overall look!


3. Define your wedding look with accessories:
Colorful socks, fun suspenders, smart ties are all the rage! Offer your groomsmen a uniform accessory of your choice so as to personalize your wedding party’s look! 


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